Alien: Nostromo Shuttle Emergency Spacesuit

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"A Nostromo shuttle emergency spacesuit from Ridley Scott’s Academy Award®-winning sci-fi classic Alien. Spacesuits were hung on the wall of the Narcissus shuttle used by Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) to escape the Alien-invaded Nostromo. After finding the creature on board the shuttle, Ripley opened the shuttle’s airlock, propelling it into space.

The spacesuit is a 1960’s high-altitude pressure suit made from thin white fabric, with modifications and additional components added to create a futuristic appearance. Multiple tubes are sewn into the garment, and a white plastic control panel with a faux-silver dial and foam exterior is attached to the front. The suit is completed with a helmet — made of plastic, with various metal components and a clear acrylic visor — and two brown rubber gloves finished with yellow foam padding. The text “BWT/R/12/65” appears on the helmet, and “5” is written in black on the interior of the suit and on both wrists. The costume displays signs of production use and aging, including minor paint wear, a broken visor, discolouration and marks throughout. The costume comes on a custom-made display and is accompanied by two promotional stills. Dimensions (displayed): 31 cm x 59 cm x 200 cm (12 ¼” x 23 ¼” x 78 ¾”)

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  1. This one in these images isn't actually the one that Ripley backs up into (The one that she puts on has lacing up both sides, while this one appears to have medical tubing that's reminiscent of heart monitor leads (The big plastic pieces with the red stripes....and the many tubes sticking out of them look a lot like the leads on rhythm strip machines).