Alien: Sylvain Despretz and the Space jockey

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Sylvain Despretz

Film designer and illustrator Sylvain Despretz would discuss openly his bitterness about his involvement in the film industry. He possessed a sense of discernment and a feeling of pain about his ordeal that he wanted to warn others about, his attitude was that he wanted to warn people about how to survive the industry, and because of that he compared himself to the dead corpse of an alien pilot in Alien,  "like a dead Space Jockey on a lonely planet, broadcasting a warning to passing ships."

Source Quotes
  1. Sylvain Despretz: What does the bitterness come from? And what makes you think that everyone else will breeze through the obstacles unscathed? I am either stupid or careless, and have fallen into the proverbial trappings of cynicism, or instead, in fact , I possess a sense of discernment, and the pain I feel is something I want to warn others about – like a dead Space Jokey on a lonely planet, broadcasting a warning to passing ships. Simply wishing things were pretty does not make them so, and if “bitterness” is a description of an acute reality, then, it may not be bitterness at all – It may just be a clear view of things... ( 08-16-2009) 
  2. Sylvain Despretz: To me, the biggest problem is not, and has never been "how to get-in" but rather, how to survive a happy life as an adult, trapped into a teenager's dream-job... Getting others to abuse you for a decade or two is not difficult, if it's your idea of fun... Getting your real act together, humanly, is the hard part. (

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