Splice: Early concept art for Dren by Vincenzo Natali

A piece of concept art for Splice showing an early
version of Dren (2000?) by Vincenzo Natali.
(source https://www.vincenzo-natali.com)

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a) A piece of concept art for Splice showing an early version of Dren (2000?) by Vincenzo Natali.

a.i) People can conjure up elements of Salvador Dali's work from memory perhaps easier than some works, however I thought that I recognised elements of early Pink Panther comic book covers because I decided that Chris Foss had been using them as reference material during the year of the Dune production, Giger also did so in some of his paintings, and then Ridley Scott followed suit when he started on the Alien storyboards.

a.ii) My theory is that idea would be that the artists for the Pink Panther covers would draw them basing them on elements of various paintings and drawings that were significantly interesting to reference, and after that, people might decide to merge elements of these comic book covers with the works they were based upon. At present I accept that Vincenzo Natali didn't need to know anything about this and it all might be coincidental or even synchronistic, perhaps tuning into things without himself consciously knowing as some people seem to do for whatever reason. I would prefer that other people have noticed that these comic books covered referenced other pieces of art in an interesting way and someone spread the word and somehow Mr Natali was on the tail end of this, but that's just a preference.

a.iii) What else I have noticed is that many drawings by Sergei Eisenstein appear to reference various paintings by other artists such as Salvador Dali and sometimes it looks as if Dali absorbed elements of some of these drawings in terms of what he might have recognised that Eisenstein was doing in his drawings with other people's works, and I see how it can almost look as if Eisenstein's drawings has crawled into Natali's drawings, or it's as if sometimes they found similar solutions in their works.

b) Development via Salvador Dali's "The Great Masturbator" (1929)?

b.i) See: References Salvador Dali's The Great Masturbator?


b.ii) See: References the cover of Pink Panther #2 (Published 1st July 1971 by Gold Key)?


b.iv) See : Dren concept sketch by Vincenzo Natali for Splice (2000?) references Untitled by Sergei Eisenstein (7th April 1931) ?


b.v) See also: Untitled by Sergei Eisenstein (7th April 1931 references

c) Development via Salvador Dali's "Daddy Longlegs of the evening - Hope!"?

c.i) References Salvador Dali's "Daddy Longlegs of the evening Hope!"?


c.ii) References The Pink Panther and The Inspector #26 (which I believe references Salvador Dali's Daddy Longlegs of the evening Hope!?


c.iii) See also Cover of Pink Panther and The Inspector #26 references Salvador Dali's Daddy Longlegs of the evening Hope!?

c.iv) See: References "Wir Kleigen in kreisen" ("We complain in circles") (21/11/1937) by Sergei Eisentstein?


c.v) See also: "Daddy Longlegs of the evening - Hope!" (1940) by Salvador Dali references "Wir Klagen in Kreiser"(1937) by Sergei Eisenstein ?


 d) Referenced in concept art for the Alien Pilot from The Thing (2011) (by Farzad Vrahramyan?) 


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