The Alien Pilot from The Thing (2011) (by Farzad Vrahramyan?) references Dren concept art (2000 - for the movie Splice released in 2009) by Vincenzo Natali?

a) This is a concept image of the alien pilot from the production The Thing (2011) created by ADI but wasn't used in the final movie.

In the ADI video, the name of the artist wasn't given but it look like an illustration done by Farzad Varahramyan and David Spada of Monsterlegacy believes so as well since Farzad did other illustrations for that movie and this one is in a similar style, so we can call it an educated guess. (You can visit the article at the  Monsterlegacy website on this movie creature here: Monster Legacy - Special: Why was the Pilot fired from ‘The Thing’?)

Alien pilot concept art from video "The Thing Art of ADI"

b) References Dren concept art (2000 - for the movie Splice released in 2009) by Vincenzo Natali?

I've explored this interesting illustration by Vincenzo Natali for his movie Splice, and then I wondered what came after this because surely one way or antoher someone out there in the industry would appear to have referenced Natali's piece for something . 

On February 29th 2020, I came to have a look at this image found in the video The Thing Art of ADI ( after thinking about this alien pilot creature design and found the illustration, and made the connection.

See also my exploration of this Dren concept art "Splice: Early concept art for Dren by Vincenzo Natali"

A piece of concept art for Splice showing an early
version of Dren (2000?) by Vincenzo Natali.

b.i) Legs

b.ii) Wing and forelimb

b.iii) Heads

b.iv) Shoulder of wing arm and forelimb

c) See also : The alien pilot as film for The Thing (2011)
Maquette of the alien pilot sculpted by Clint Zoccoli.

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