Vincenzo Natali

a) Vincenzo Natali was growing up when Alien came out and it meant a lot to him to know as much about it as possible before he finally got to see it

(SEE: Vincenzo Natali and the Alien)

b) He was said to have been planning to direct an Alien movie but it never came into being

(SEE: Sigourney's Dreams of continuing Alien)

c) One of his major concepts, people trapped in a puzzle box environment from his own films appeared to be absorbed into the Alien vs Predator movie.

(SEE: Aliens in puzzle box pyramid)

d) When the movie Splice came out, he was able to openly acknowledge what influence the Alien movies had on the film.

(SEE: Splice/Alien comparisons)

e) In 2014, Vincenzo went on to direct the first seven episodes of season 3 of Hannibal. The "Stagenstein sequence" from episode 2 displayed some similarities to the Alien as a Box sequence seen in the Alien: Illustrated Story by Walter Simonson.

(SEE: Vincenzo Natali's Stagenstein sequence from Hannibal season 3, episode 2 )

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