Splice: Vincenzo Natali's early mutant drawing (2000) for Splice (2009)

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Source https://www.vincenzo-natali.com/splice-2010

a) A winged mutant (2000) by Vincenzo Natali for the movie Splice (2009) where the leg like form ends with a tooth set of jaws rather than a simple foot, and where the head would normally be, the creature has eyestalks

I can identify two possible groups of ideas that have been merged into the drawing:

One coming from Dali's Autumnal Cannibalism (1936) connecting with a Eisenstein drawing Egotism  (1935) that the Dali painting appeared to reference, and a Pink Panther comic book cover from #16 that appeared to reference the Dali painting. 

The other appears to reference Dali's painting Portrait of Picasso (1947) along with the Pink Panther comic book cover #21, along with an Eisenstein's drawing "Vierge s'introduisant un cierge devant un dévot agenouillé, ce dernier goûtant aux délices de l'hymen" which is undated but I imagine it's from somewhere in the early 1940s and I think that Dali would have referenced in his painting. 

Rather than me suggesting that he interpreted the Dali paintings in a manner similar to Eisenstein appeared to have done, it appears that it's more about understanding how Dali appeared to absorbed Eisenstein's drawings into his own paintings , and with that we have the Pink Panther comic book covers that appear to be loose interpretations of the Dali paintings.

b) Evolution via Eiseinstein's Egotism (1935), Dali's Autumnal Cannibalism (1936), and the cover of Pink Panther #16?



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