Alien: Roger Christian


a) Roger comes aboard Alien from the halted Monty Python and the Holy Grail production, to bring his expertise in using aircraft junk

See: Alien: Roger Christian comes aboard


b) Creating a mini set for Sigourney's test shoot

See: Alien: Sigourney's Screen Test


c) The Nostromo's interior

See:  Alien: Dressing the Nostromo


d) Acknowledging that Jon Finch had done three days of filming before he was taken i;l

See: Alien: Initial casting of Jon Finch as Kane:

e) Pushing to get the hypersleep chamber made

See: Alien:The Hypersleep chamber


f) Buying two Canberra bombers and dismantling them for parts

See: Alien: The Garage - "Treasure Room" - Temple Environment


g) Visits Anton Furst to see the laser beam he's working with

See: Alien: The laser placenta:


h) Comparing the end version of the alien egg to a hot cross bun

See: Alien: The Spores


i) An event that led to Ridley blowing his top

See: Alien: Ridley blows his top

j) Roger was there to discuss with Ridley and others on how to make it more horrific, and watches the events on set

j.i) See: Alien: Kane starts to choke

j.iii) See: Alien: Chestburster emerges from a pit of entrails

j.iv) See: Alien: Chestburster Scene: False Start

j.v) See: Alien: The Chestburster scene: The splattering

i) Has a person prop maker create the computer room key

See: Alien: Key To Mother


h) Suggesting an angled mirror to extend a Nostromo corridor obliquely into infinity

See: Trying to override the detonation procedure:


i) On the scrounge for spaceship parts for Monty Python's Life of Brian

See: Alien: Space Ship Sequence from Monty Python's Life of Brian


j) Roger Christian was quite sure that Ridley Scott and David Giler were holding Alan Ladd down from leaving the film preview

See: Alien: Previews across America


k) The vague rumours about Giger's dead wives that Roger had heard

See: Alien: Harboring the remains of Li Tobler

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