Prometheus: Juhani Nurmi gives advice on the frescos

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a) Finnish film journalist and Hollywood screenwriter Juhani Nurmi was someone who was able to put himself in the position to remind Ridley that if he ever intended to revisit the world of Alien, he really should hire Giger, but by the time that Ridley got around to making Prometheus, HR Giger had become frail and was already too ill to work on the film, although Giger's own opinion was that he was brought in too late to really do anything
b) Around 2011, Juhani Nurmi was consulted by Giger's long time agent Leslie Barany on the mural and so he shared some of his ruminations about the Alien life cycle, and how it could be incorporated comprehensively and aesthetically as possible into a confined space
  1. Juhani Nurmi: To get back to Ridley, he's he's such a mild gentleman and true gentleman of the north, he's from Northern England, and always very calm, always very measured, very dry wit. and he he's he's he's, he's the more giant timid version of of Tony Scott, because Tony Scott is a little more like me, he's a gregarious, talkative, he's you know, gesticulating with his hands all the time, and amd much more extravert, and Ridley's the intravert, obviously, you know, Tony's not with us any more, I interviewed him a few times as well, and er, those, those, those brothers and and were incredible and, and er, in subsequent interviews I also got him to sign some of my Alien DVD covers which was beyond thrilling, but I, I did also mention, mention Giger to him and the fact that I'm friends with HR Giger, and he he he he, he, he was, he was, he was really cool about that. I just reminded him that if he ever intends to revisit the world of Alien, he really should hire Giger. 

    Jaime Praeter: Yeah

    Juhani Nurmi: But unfortunately when he did, for Prometheus, Giger was already old, frail,  and and he had had a bad stroke a few years before he he ultimately died, 

    Jaime Praeter: Mmhmm

    Juhani Nurmi: So the work that Giger did for Prometheus was not, I mean, it it was definitely not on the same level as he did as as a much younger man for for Alien, because you know Giger really dirtied his hands while working on Alien because he was hands on, on everything, as you know, 

    Jaime Praeter: Yes

    Juhani Nurmi: He built the, you know, the space jockey, he built himself you know, the suit er around Bolaji Badejo, you know, the guy who played the big chap alien.
    Jaime Praeter: Yes

    Juhani Nurmi: And And And yeah,and er, he's he's he's er, erm, he's an incredible incredible craftsman and and and much more, I'd say much more shy in those days when I interviewed him, (Perfect Organism podcast #32)
  2. Juhani Nurmi: As a long-time friend of the late HR Giger, I was graciously consulted by Giger's long-time agent, Leslie Barany on that mural around 2011. Gave them some ideas of mine. There was a small but loyal team of consultants. Unfortunately, Giger was already too ill to work more on that movie. He certainly couldn't have saved it from the trainwreck that it ultimately became ... but undoubtedly he would've brought it more class.

    Dominic Kulcsar:
    I suppose a wonderful question might be what ideas did you give them if you are able to share that?

    Juhani Nurmi: Ruminations about the Alien Lifecycle a la Giger / O'Bannon, and how it could be incorporated as comprehensively and aesthetically as possible into a confined space.
    (Weyland Yutani Bulletin: Facebook: 12 May 2016 at 10:51)

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