Alien: Early Ridleygram showing the sideview of the Space Jockey (1978) by Ridley Scott for Alien references Interior, Nice (1976) by Helmut Newton?

leading from



a) Early storyboard of members of the Nostromo crew exploring the outsized pilot/Space Jockey in the derelict ship for Alien (1978) by Ridley Scott

b) References Interior, Nice (1976 (Published in Sleepless Nights, 1978)) by Helmut Newton?



c) The head and shoulders become the telescope controls and viewer


d) The buttocks becom the front end of the space jockey, perhaps with the hand and pulled knickers become an upward pointing tusk like tube


e) Shoulder and upper back become a pipe trailing from the shoulder



f) Part of the furniture that becomes an astronaut on the left

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