Poltergeist 2 creatures' rib cage and spine influence
on Alien3 beast?

leading from 

Alien 3 rod puppet and Poltergeist 2 Great Beast design's back
detail of the back of rib cage of the great beast design for Poltergeist 2
Full image of Giger's concept sketch for the Great Beast from Poltergeist

a) Comparisons to the rib cage of the Poltergeist 2 great beast design
 Either side of the ribbed spine of Giger's Great Beast from Poltergeist 2 there are long ribbed ridges going down the length of the back. This is another feature of the Alien 3 beast, and we can see it here in the puppet and the rib cages both present an added roundness to their form.

b) Comparisons to Giger's Primitive Creature design for Poltergeist 2
In Giger's design for the Primitive creature, seemingly overlapping plates along the spine are present as in the rod puppet. This creature also has ridges either side of the spine but they are not ribbed. However the should blades of the creature are raised as protruding forms at the top in a way similar to the rod puppet.

detail of upper spine of Giger's Primitive Creature

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