HR Giger's Mordor V : Did the painting inspire
David Lynch's Dune's 3rd Stage Guild Navigator design?

The Mordor Moon Hopper

a) Although one doesn't wish to make the assumption that David Lynch took inspiration form HR Giger and has acted as an artist with his own original ideas, while indeed the creator of the final creature itself Carlo Rambaldi would have been quite familiar with Giger's work having worked with him and created something that had evolved slightly away from David Lynch's initial design, one might not be able to help look at the 3rd Stage Guild Navigator from his movie Dune with its bloated face blowing beams of energy and think about Mordor V, and this creature floats around a giant vaulted chamber that looks like a more structured version of the place in Giger's painting. Here the horns at the top of Giger's work would have been put underneath as smallish tusks.

3rd stage guild navigator being prepared for a shot in its moving spice tank
Rambaldi creating a large illustration of the creature

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