Giger's Mordor V references James Gleeson's
"The Betrothal Of Two Classic Edifices"

 leading from

a) 17th May 2016, I take a look at James Gleeson's THE BETROTHAL OF TWO CLASSIC EDIFICES (1943)which I noted before, but decided that this painting had been referenced by Giger as the initial foundation of Mordor V. 

Giger's Mordor V (work 281) (1975).

b) The white mark on the golden hair on the upper right becomes the eye in Giger's painting . The golden cloth coming out of the hole on the bottom left become mist being exhaled by the moonhopper like entity and the green area around the hole where the cloth comes out from is the area that becomes transformed into the moon hopper.. The three golden circles on the table on the right, become transformed into bands going across. 
THE BETROTHAL OF TWO CLASSIC EDIFICES (1943) and Giger's Mordor V (work 281) (1975).
and skull like patterns from Giger's Mordor V (work 281) (1975).

c) The right bottom eye socket of the skull becomes transformed into the bottom of the black sausage like thing coming out of the tube on the bottom right. 

The skull's teeth appear to be there still but feint and elongated. 

The bottom of the girl's left leg appears to be transformed into the middle black sausage like thing, but above that, the area of blue in the very centre also become transformed into the central sausage and so does the human's child like arm reaching into the opening. 

Perhaps the bald human's ear becomes the white shape surrounded by a tentacle formation and becomes the top of a column of ribbing, but perhaps nothing is supposed to be straight forwards as that, bur one might accept that there are various shapes and forms being transformed out of context into different things from Gleeson's painting, in Giger's painting and remain slightly clueless about it. (See also Skull from James Gleeson's "Betrothal of two classic edifices"and wooden gate from Fisher Price Teaching Clock merge together as a skull in Giger's Mordor V )


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