HR Giger: Necronom IV references
Mobile Exploration Lab (Micronauts) (1976) by Mego ?

leading from 

a) Giger's Necronom IV would echo Necronom IV
Giger would extend the upper dome, and turn the nose of the aircraft vehicle at the bottom into the tale. 

There also little domes on the sides with seating for further action figurs and these various observation domes might have been the idea behind the skeleton inside the bulbous transparent tip of the tale

Perhaps this design gives Giger the right to paint the creature without legs? 

The Mobile Exploration Lab (Micronauts) and the Necronom IV

The Mobile Exploration Lab (Micronauts) unboxed

b) Micronauts Microtron toy (1976) by Mego 

Yes also consider the Microtron robot as another possible thing as well, with a head that transforms into a seat and with large conical appendage at the groin. See also Microtron referenced in Necronom V ?

The Micronauts Microtron unboxed (1976)

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