HR Giger: Demon (work 513) William Onyeabor's transforms into Hieronymus Bosch

leading from

HR Giger's Demon (Work 513) 1978 (Catalogued in 1983)

a) The next assumption might be that Giger started to fuse William Onyeabor's name wth Hieronymus Bosch, and perhaps that would become Hieronyeamus Borsch?

With this flow of thinking, when he did the cutaway alien spores and life cycle hieroglyphics referencing the "Crashes in Love" album, Onyeabor transformed into Onyeaspore!

b) So, we can take a trip into Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights triptych into the Hellish region.

c) And have a go at reflecting the Bosch demon and it begins to take on some aspects of the Giger demon's face.

d) We might go ahead and compare the demons.

The bow of the demon on ice skates turns into the eyes.

The seated bird demon's eye turns into the empty sockets either side of the three central teeth, the cauldron on its head turns into bulbous form next to the pointless eye socket.

The piece of pink material hanging down the front transforms into the tongue.

A giant metal vase in the upper right background transforms into the phallic ears.

Perhaps we have at least another 33% of the reference material behind the painting's creation.

e) Further exploration of this demon reveals the possibility that it may well be Bosch's version of the Henu Barque See: The demon sitting on a high chair from The Garden of Earth Delights (1503-1515) by Hieronymus Bosch references the Henu Barque?

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