HR Giger's Alien Monster III references
Tomita's Bermuda Triangle record album cover (1978)

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Giger's Alien Monster III
Isao Tomita 

a) 13th May 2016, I realised that Giger had taken shapes and forms from Tomita's Bermuda Triangle record album cover for his Alien monster III. On the back an aircraft pilot is seen to embrace a mermaid and a group of demons dancer around them. The mermaid's hair becomes the bend in the long neck of the serpentine alien creature in Giger's painting.

Giger's Alien Monster III, 1978

b) Her fish tail becomes the serpent tail of the alien creature, but both ends become two curves of a curling tail. The amoung of little demon figures multiply but become amorphous creatures in sausage skins. However the bubbles also inspires the multiple creatures, intersecting with the idea of the organic tubes from Max Von Moos "Devil's Kitchen" and the floating foetel forms from the "Creeping Flesh" movie painting

Back and front cover of Tomita's Bermuda Triangle

c) The scarf worn by the airpilot becomes an unidentifiable piece of curved machine extending from the plinth, perhaps its shape is also inspired by the lover heart in the illustration, and it's multiplied around so there are six altogether, four facing the viewer of the picture, perhaps loosely inspired by the military aircraft flying through the pictures. The triangle space in the ceiling of the giant chamber, letting in light which appears to be a gap in the sea as seen on the front cover of the album becomes a circular form letting in light, perhaps inspired by the glowing circle above the devil's horns on the front cover

Bermuda Triangle back cover

Bermuda Triangle front cover

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