Giger's Alien Monster IV as a Jack Kirby's Dragon Man

Alien (Winged) / Alien Monster IV by H.R.Giger
a) I had an idea that Alien Monster IV represented a dragon in some way but as a tall semi humanoid reptile thing with wings. On July 21st 2016 I noticed the dragon man as part of the Fantastic Four comic book series, drawn by Jack Kirby, first appearing in #35 of Fantastic Four in 1965. This was a hulking humanoid winged reptilian robot also brought to life by alchemy. In a way he might a character perceived as a golem of sorts. (See :

b) This character had near enough the beak that I was looking for in view of Giger's painting, and perhaps Giger was impressed by the bulging cranium of the creature in some stories, enough so that it might also have brought Giger to have some thoughts about it leading towards Alien Monster IV, and Giger's stretched the front of it's face further and further so that it's head would have a long curving neck as if it were someone's biomechanised eyebrow, and the sheet held before the head of the devil figure in Treasures of Satan.

c) The placement of the mechanical spine like diagram on the wall beneath the head becomes an empty space in the floor that becomes merged with the shape of an a spinal electronic component from the Tomita album cover also integrated into Alien Monster IV. The curve of the sheet in a man's hand also reflect the form of the curved pipes at the left. The placement of such a curve can also be found in Kirby's Lemurian train bomb drawing that was a main reference point as well.


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