Jack Kirby's drawing of sky demon for Devil Dinosaur (1978) references details from Giger's Passage Temple Entrance (1975)

leading from

Saturday10th July 2016
Jack Kirby drew a drawing of a giant demon in the sky for #4 of Devil Dinosaur in 1978 and I suddenly realised that it had qualities of Giger's artwork and I have been looking at it occasionally over the last few weeks and then suddenly this day I realised that it had features in common with Giger's passage temple entrance painted in 1975. The creatures small bow legs reminded me of the pincers on the left of the painting, the box shaped almost crab like skull with multiple eyes along multiple bands reminded me of what I had seen in the Giger painting. And then I looked further and could perceive the corresponding details that made sense to me

Loose outline of details from the painting that I interpret as what Jack Kirby was
picking out for his demon, over the painting, and outline against white background
I've just cut the relevant area out and pasted it on a faded version of the original painting

Jack Kirby's alien sky demon from #4 of Devil Dinosaur (1978)

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