HR Giger's Alien Monster IV references
Wifredo Lam's Eternal Present

leading from

a)  Giger was packing his Alien Monster IV painting with details inspired by about a dozen difference sources and so a few things appeared to be reference Wifredo Lam's Eternal Present from 1944, which is one of the series of paintings referencing Delville's Treasures of Satan and/ or paintings that referenced Delville's painting.

Wifredo Lam's Eternal Present (1944)
b) The diagonal ribbing of the palm leaves transfoms into the ribbed walls of the biomechanic environment in which the winged alien monster is to be found.
HR Giger's Alien Monster IV (1978)

c) The thumb of the hand holding the knife along with the curve of the blade transform into the beaked had with an eye, and the high healed shoe with a divided heal transforms into the joint leg bone like form beside it.

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