Alien: Comparison the Alien Derelict ship to a
Record Insert Adapter and the Triskellion

 Leading from: 
Giger's derelict exterior

I asked myself if the strange form of the derelict with its two main limbs and extraneous parts had somehow been inspired by the triskelion symbol which is the symbol with three interlocking legs associated with places such as the Isle of Mann, or even something such as the Swastika commonly associated with the Nazis of World War 2, however on the 16th of January, 2014 I found out about the Record Insert Adapters for old vinyl records. And noticing the arms sticking out with extraneous stumps etcetera , I had found my derelict ship as it would be seen from an aerial perspective

45rpm vinyl record insert adapters
A view of the derelict showing the glass dome about the cockpit. (work 382:Wreck Inspection) 
Like both a wishing bone and a boomerang

Small silver coin (drachma) from Syracuse, c. 317-310 BC.
(source:, issues 13)
The Triskelion of the Isle of Mann flag

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