'Pakal Votan' tomb lid: Palenque Rocket Man from
"Chariots of the Gods" documentary

leading from

 a) Voice Over: Days of delay precede our audience with the winged god of Palenque. He is not an easy gentleman to see. A dome of sweltering humidity hangs over virgin forest of Palenque. On our path to the sacred city of the Maya, we pass the cadavers of cattle with swarms of patient vultures wheeling over head.("Chariots of the Gods" documentary)

b) Voice Over: After eight refusals, we are finally granted official permission to film this ancient celebrity. A sealed sepulchre is opened to us for a brief half hour. Up a steep flight of stairs and down into the even more stifling madness of the interior of the tomb. ("Chariots of the Gods" documentary)

c) Voice Over: And there he is, captured for the first time on film, the winged god of Palenque, what the lens sees is so stunning that we must examine the details saperately. We see a man seated in a capsule intently watching something, his hands seem to be operating some undefinable controls, his foot is pressing a pedal. At the rear of the capsule, we see jets trailing flames behind them. Isn't this a typical position for an astronaut as we so well know it today. He seems to be dressed for the job, in trousers with a broad belt, a sort of jacket, tight fitting at the wrists, like coveralls. The chair is well upholstered to absorb the shock of acceleration. A figure before controls also dressed like an astronaut. Another jet trailing flames.

This stone deity say the Maya represents Kukulcan who came from the stars and returned there
("Chariots of the Gods" documentary)

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