Military service and school dream memories

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a) Military Service
The army was useful,  Giger understood that there were many people who liked to do their military service and that for some of them it was an opportunity for some to discover homosexuality under the covers in the dormitory. 

In addition, every citizen had a gun at home , so the weak can defend themselves and kill. And so he found the army to be very stupid and boring

b) Bad memories
Stress in Giger's life would be likely to bring back memories of his time with military Service and school in the form of repeating dreams and destroy his normal dreams, and he did not find a way to stop these dreams returning.

Source Quotes
  1. Giger: I sometimes have bad dreams: mostly the same dreams and they are about military service and school. I cannot kill them. I don't know how to kill them, so that they do not come again.  (Telegraph, Number 151, August 12, 1979)
  2. Seconds: When you paint your nightmares, are you doing it to exorcise them or to celebrate them?
    Giger: If I have a problem in my life, it's that my dreams aren't very good. The stress destroys my dreams. It brings back memories of military service and school. If I have some disagreeable dream repeatedly. I'll paint it to liberate myself from it. (Seconds #25, p58) 
  3. Sauve Qui Peut : L'armée est donc utile (Translate: The army is therefore useful)

    Giger: Ou oui! Et puis beaucoup de gens qui aiment faire leur service militaire. Pour certains, c'est l'occasion de découvrir l'homosexualité, sous les couvertures des dortoirs.... [rires] de plus, chaque citoyen a son arme à la maison. Les faibles peuvent  se défendre et tuer. A l'armée c'était vraiment stupide et ennuyeux. Mes meilleurs peintures de cette période. J'ai appris que la terre est un corps, un organisme vivant. Nous tirions sur des cibles. En 1972, j'ai fait un toile (Paysage X, ndlr) qui montrait le mal que l'on faisait en ratant les cibles. (Translate: Or yes! And many people who like to do their military service. For some, it is an opportunity to discover homosexuality under the covers of dormitories .... [laughs] In addition, every citizen has a gun at home. The weak can defend themselves and kill. In the army it was really stupid and boring. My best paintings of this period. I learned that the earth is a body, a living organism. We were shooting at targets. In 1972, I made a canvas (Landscape X, ed) which showed the evil that we did to missing the target.)
    (Sauve Qui Peut magazine, Hors Serie, 2002)

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