Henu Barque at the Egyptian Theatre

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a)  The Original Henu Barque at the Egyptian Theatre
Above the East wall doorway of the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood is a depiction of the Henu Barque. The doorway doesn't actually open , and in an old postcard it is presented as the entrance to the Egyptian Theatre. What this image is based on is another question. The photos show it to be green and yellow while a postcard from the 1930s shows it to be blue. A 1946 photo shows what should the falcon head to be like a cobra head because it is not complete.

1930s post card of the entrance of the Egyptian Theatre,
but this is the east wall with a false door

The Henu Barque appears to be blue in this postcard

Photo from 1947, (source: https://sites.google.com/site/hollywoodtheatres/egyptian-1)

Falcon head on top of the fetish almost resembling a cobra

b) Disappearance of the Henu Barque by 1979. 
However at a later date, at a time when the foyer had been extended to where the pillars were and a hieroglyphic mural had been put up, the Henu barque looks as if it had been painted out completely by 1979. When was it last there and had it been painted anywhere else since? Wings can be seen over the doorway painted much lower down than the previous falcon's and with darker wings.
(See also Alien premieres at the Egyptian theatre in Hollywood, (1979))

Space Jockey in the courtyard, 1979
photo credit: William Malone 

The other side of the wing can be seen above the door, 1979

Above photograph from a 35mm slide dated October 1983, showing the
absence of the Henu Barque,  part of the Theatre Talks collection.
(Source: https://theatretalks.wordpress.com)

c) The Henu Barque since 1998
In the modern version of this image the simplified antelope head almost resembles a long beaked wattled birds head.  However it seems as if they have turned the cobra falcon head on top of the fetish on he barque into a head of an pharaoh and painted the heads either side in the same way.  The main body of the barque is green and yellow, with L shapes between the vertical white supports.

Henu Barque At the Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood
Henu Barque At the Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood (detail)

Henu Barque At the Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood

Henu Barque At the Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood (detail)

falcon head turned into something not quite

3D Google Earth Image showing the placement of the door
with Henu Barque image above it

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