Giger's painting Ugly (1979) references the giant spaceship from The Eternals #2 (August 1976)

leading from
Giant spacecraft from #2 of The Eternals , (August 1976)

A floating spaceship from #2 of The Eternals, has two large ovals at the bottom and in Giger's painting they are transform into buttocks. 

He incorporates the curving end of the stream of plasma on the lower right and the central symbol on the landscape with its central point into his landscape. In the central window is a symbol made up from red lines with an oval in the centre which Giger transforms into a vagina.

Perhaps the oval on the far left on the space craft transforms into a U and the left end of the window transforms into the upper part of the G. Perhaps towering structure on the far right inspired the Y.

 Ugly (1979) by HR Giger

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