Alien: Hand-Drawn Nostromo Garage Pencil Illustration

leading from
Alien: Nostromo: The garage leading to the Claw room

a) Propstore: A hand-drawn pencil set illustration from Ridley Scott's award-winning sci-fi horror Alien. This artwork was used to illustrate the design of the Nostromo's vehicle stowage hangars, where Brett (Harry Dean Stanton) met his demise at the hands of the titular alien, and would have been copied for use by the film's art department for set construction.

b) Propstore: Hand-drawn in pencil on tracing paper by Academy Award®-nominated Art Director Alan Tomkins (uncredited on the film), the illustration shows scaled plan and elevation diagrams of the stowage bays, with detailed images of the wall designs for the ship's doorways. A data sheet in the bottom right dates the piece to 14 June 1978. The artwork displays some wear from use on production, including creases and minor tears, with a tape repair to the top-left on the rear. Dimensions: 75 cm x 123 cm (29 ½" x 48 ½")

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