Alien: Nostromo deck plan loosely echoes
Kabbalah tree of life?

Blueprint of Nostromo deck set plan

As the Nostromo evolved, a plan for the main deck came about with octagonal chambers mostly as nodes between interconnecting corridors, some of which are diagonal or have diagonal parts.

In the loosest way, one might begin to connect it loosely with the form of a Tree of Life from the Jewish Kabbalah with its interconnecting bars and circular nodes.

However none the rooms or corridors connecting with any parts of the tree in any specific way, so one could label any of the rooms with the circular points known as Sephirot.


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    1. Well, the tree of Sephiroth has an interesting structure just to start basing a floor plan on even if it wasn't going to be as complex due to lack of space, budget or urge to make it look too precisely like one. There were numerous things in the film veering towards the mystical in the design elements of the film, so I don't agree that it's "so random". But I think it could well have been on the tip of someone's tongue that it was a bit like that with these nodes connecting the corridors, the long one at the back and the short one at the front, and the slanted corners.

      There were numerous mystical things connecting with ancient Egyptian designs in the alien life form design and the derelict ship. But if in the Nostromo that the garage was a Greek or Egyptian tomb and the landing leg room was a temple environment, the self destruct panel contained a bunch of references to Madame Blavatsky book, then it's conceivable that floorplan for the upper deck might as be. It might be that many elongated science fiction spaceships have a Tree of Sephiroth look to the floorpan, but I don't really expect to look at possible symbolism there.