Necronom IV's leonine shoulder

Necronom IV's bulbous shoulder
Another point to note about the Necronom creature is the bulbous shoulder is very reminiscent of the way the ancient Egyptian depicted the shoulders of large wild cat such as a lion .

f. i) The Lion God Aker: The hieroglyph for the horizon guarded by Aker or Ruti, the god in the form of two lions (yesterday and tomorrow) believed to guard the eastern and western horizons as the points where the sun touches the twin-peaked mountain top of the earth where it leaves and re-enters the underworld. (source Wikipedia) They have the similar bulbous shoulders to that of the Necronom.

Aker or Ruti, the god in the form of two lions
f. ii) The ferocious Ammit: Here on the right is an image of a demon like goddess Ammit, usually found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, it usually has a crocodiles head, a hippos hind-quarter and a lion's forebody and forelegs with a shoulder as noticeably bulbous as the Necronom's.

The ancient Egyptian goddess Ammit (also known as Ammut and Ahemait) was the personification of divine retribution. She sat beside the scales of Ma'at ready to devour the souls of those deemed unworthy. Those unfortunate enough to fail the test would suffer the feared second death, and have no chance of the blissfull life of the field of reeds instead roaming restlessly for eternity. Her name, is generally translated as "Devourer", but could also be the chilling "Bone Eater".

Ammit with wild cat's shoulders

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