Alien: Fifty MPC "Darth Vader TIE Fighter" kits

leading from

The kit was later rereleased by AMT ERTL. The main body of the Tie Fighter can be seen repeatedly stuck onto the underside of the refinery.

Martin Bower: We were going raiding plastic kit parts, and as can happen of course, we'd go into a model shop, the first plastic kit part there was Darth Vader's TIE fighter. We'd buy fifty Darth Vader TIE Fighters and we'd have the whole of the bottom of the refinery to cover, and so we got a staple gun and were stapling on bits of TIE fighters. This is how quick it was done (The Alien Saga)

MPC Darth Vader TIE Fighter Kit

MPC TIE kit fighter contents
main body
smaller parts
solar panels

re-released version by APC ERTL

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