Cat People (1982)

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Paul Schrader made Cat Pople (released April 1982) with an interest in avoiding any comparison to Alien, trying to keep it in a crisp visual world.  His cat transformation though too another direction showing in the autopsy scene of the dead black panther cutting it open, a green gas escapes and he discovers a human body within the cat. Before he can document the finding, the animal has melted into the same flesh and viscera pool as before.

  1. Paul Schader: It's very stylistic, definitely post Bertolucci. This movie has the same crisp visual style as American Gigolo. There's none of that drippy, gooey monster stuff; the Ron Cobb-ALIEN stuff. This is very, very clean. May challenge was to introduce elements of fantasy into this crisp visual world (Starlog #59, June 1982,)

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