Xtro : An alien lifecycle

Leading from

a) A spaceship of some sort crashes into the countryside leaving nothing more than flames

 b) From the ground the alien creature emerges, as if it has been planted into the ground and grows

c) The alien creature later enters the woman's home and then seems to rape her. Using a limb coming out from its body, like a facehugger it implants its own seed through the woman's mouth

d) She suddenly gives birth to something that seems to be a fully grown man who seems to be the man who has been, abducted earlier in the film.

e) The father infects his own son. 

f) Maryam D'Abo's character becomes infected by the young boy.

g) Then she begins to transform in the bathroom into a strange cocooned life form

h) Maryam's character in its transformed state lays eggs that would show up again at the end of the film

i) And a dwarf is seen to collect them. Perhaps the sight of this ovipositor might make some people think about the Alien Queen's ovipositor from Aliens.

j) Towards the end of the movie, the father is seen to lose his human exterior turning into a strange skeletal alien creature as he leaves the planet with his son in a UFO.

k) Another Facehugger attack
Woman returns to the apartment later, finds the eggs in the bathroom,  picks up an eggs , inside the gelatinous form, something living inside begins to throb away. Soon it burst out and a tentacle with webbed fingers comes out to cover her mouth. There was the idea that she would give birth to more clones of her late husband but they didn't go ahead with the idea.

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