Nostromo concept inspired Battlehawk
from Gerry Anderson's Terrahawks

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a) In 2010, Steven Begg revealed to David Sisson that when he worked on the design for the Battlehawk ship from the 1983 TV series Terrahawks, inspiration from what he referred to as the "broken  neck" design which from Earth space ship Leviathan as designed by Ron Cobb before the ship was to be named Nostromo. 

Ron Cobb's Leviathan /Nostromo concept

b) Perhaps one might also make a comparison between the way Steven Begg had drawn his Battlehawk concept with the way Ron Cobb had drawn the another concept for his would be Nostomo ship, strangely viewed from a rear angle with the rear of the ship wide open and the front can be seen in the distance.

Ron Cobb's Leviathan /Nostromo concept
Photo of the battle hawk
Photos of the Battlehawk

Source Quote:

  1. Steven Begg: The Battlehawk was a one off design that I came up with, which was loosely based on a Ron Cobb idea for the Nostromo called a broken-neck design.The Bandai guys came over to see the models and referred to the X-Bomber but said they preferred the Battlehawk. I didn't know what they were talking about at the time but then 'Star Fleet' came out 6 months into the production of 'Terrahawks' and I was able to see it. I assure you that I was not influenced by that design in any way, in fact I didn't like it as I'm not a fan of Japanese Mecha at all. It all looks like over-engineered nonsense to me. Give me Derek Meddings, Mike Trim, Ron Cobb, any time ( source::

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