Aliens: Designing the side view of the Alien Queen based on Giger's Biomechanic Landscape II (work 417) (1979)?

Leading from

Biomechanic Landscape II (work 417) (1979)

a)  Looking for the Alien Queen's Side Profile
Once the book "The Winston Effect: The Art and History of Stan Winston Studio" came out into the shops in 2006, I near enough had confirmation that HR Giger's painting Alien Monster IV was the starting point for Jim Cameron's Alien Queen design, when I saw how the hands were borrowed from that painting,
However I could not easily work out where he was getting the details of the design of the side of the head along with the neck and upper  body. 
In January 2016 it started to reveal itself to me that the design was picked out of the details of Giger's painting Biomechanic Landscape II (work 417) (1979). 
Perhaps even parts of the larger arms were inspired by some of the crescent shaped tendril like structures. 
This painting is shown in Giger's book Biomechanics II that was published in 1985 when Aliens went into production.

Biomechanic Landscape II (1979) with areas highlighted to show which parts I think were borrowed for the Alien Queen

b)  Pareidolia?
Although to look at it, one could easily state that identifying signs of the beast here would be like "pareidolia" but still there are an interesting flow of shapes for an inventive mind such as Jim Cameron's or Stan Winston's. 
One is counting on their own "pareidolia" to be working full throttle for inventive purposes and ones own ability to track where it was coming from within the context of Giger's artwork.
Side view sketch of the Alien Queen by James Cameron

Upper body of the alien queen

Upper body of the Alien Queen
concept art by by James Cameron

Ribbing from the Biomechanical Landscape and the neck ribbing from the Alien Queen

Full scale Alien Queen puppet

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