Aliens: Giger's "The Spell III" and the alien queen from Jim Cameron's Aliens

Giger's The Spell III as found in Giger's Necronomicon
The head of the Alien queen here is from a Halcyon model of the Alien queen painted by "Guyver1" (source: The painting is the head details from the multilimbed demon from The Spell III. The face patterns highlighted in yellow to form an impression very similar to the general form of the head of the Alien Queen. If Jim Cameron had used this picture for inspiration, then he reworked the impression he got from the image to make it more stylised.
Ripley comes face to face with Aliens Queen (from Aliens blu-ray, made from merged together stills on Photoshop)


  1. Great detective work Dom!

    1. Thankyou! The realisations came through just like just like it happens in an episode of Psych