Alien Resurrection:
Joss Whedon injects vampiric blood into the script

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Alien Resurrection
a.) The Newborn
Joss Whedon who wrote the script for Buffy The Vampire Slayer and produced the series by that name wrote the script for Alien Resurrection.

He introduced a new alien entity into the story called "The Newborn".

b) Albino alien creature that drains blood
People who have heard about his work might wonder what personal themes he has brought into the film and assume that he somehow integrated the idea of vampires into the script.

The newborn turns out to be an albino alien creature that drains the blood from its victims. It was the thing that he wanted to bring into the movie.

c) Vampire written out
However the vampiric quality of this entity was soon written out of the story when they couldn't afford to create a newborn as he had imagined it, even to the extent that the final newborn couldn't really move.

At present no artwork depicting Joss's vision of the newborn is know to the public.

  1. Joss Whedon:"My original incarnation was flying around and very different. It was bone white and sucked the blood from its victims which was always the idea and the one thing I wanted to bring into it. They built a Newborn they couldn't move, so I couldn't write anything that would have it moving.  The end design wasn't mine and I think Jean-Pierre [Jeunet] wanted to play on the idea of humanity and ultimately went in a different direction. (SFX, Alien Speculation)
  2. The description of the entity in the script is as follows
    "An alien, to be sure, but nothing we've seen so far, its forelegs arch 
    out of its back like spiders legs, its back legs set on enormous 
    haunches, thick and powerful.
    Its head is long, eyeless, like the others, but along its white expanse 
    red veins, coming out of the skin and running like thick black hairs to 
    the back.
    It has retracted pincers at the side of head that come out when its 
    tongue does.
    Its much bigger the the others, nearly the size of the queen herself.
    And it's bone white."
  3. It's method of killing involves draining the blood as shown here when it kills a soldier
    "pincers SWING out and pin either side of his head.. His eyes go wide as: Its tongue SHOOTS into his throat. Stays there, and we watch it drain the blood from his body. We can see it, see its stomach swell, red tinged, as his body goes"


  1. Ridiculous. Joss Whedon always has been a mediocre tv writer.

  2. The less I say about Joss Whedon the better