Alien vs Predator:
The Pyramid

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a) Borrowing Alien's pyramid idea
A main plot element in the film is the discovery of an ancient pyramid that contains an
Alien birthing temple and Paul Anderson borrowed this idea as something unused from Dan O'Bannon's original Alien script.

It suggested that there was a civilisation somehow tied in with the Alien eggs and that was the concept that that always stuck in Anderson's mind, Aliens in a pyramid.

Source quote
  1. Paul Anderson: Originally, when they were going back from the derelict ship to the Nostromo, they were going to find this pyramid and there was the suggestion of a civilisation that was somehow tied into the Alien eggs. The concept was always stuck in my mind - Aliens in a pyramid.(Total Film, November 2004, p102)
AVP' s Hologram of the underground pyramid

The pyramid in O'Bannon's script

    b) Pyramid interior echoes Cobb's pyramid interior
    The sacrificial chamber in the pyramid was loosely inspired by Dan O'Bannon's concept for the birthing chamber inside the pyramid in his Alien script as illustrated by Ron Cobb including plinths

    AVP's The sacrifice chambers beds
      birthing chamber design by Ron Cobb
    c) Sacrificial chamber inspired by Alien's seven petaled sleep chamber
    It was arranged in a way vaguely reminiscent of the cryotubes of the seven 'petaled' sleep chamber aboard the Nostromo in Alien (right)

    Alien's seven 'petaled' cryogenic sleepers

    AVP's  seven 'petaled' sacrificial chamber 

    d) Alien 3 Poster art in the blooddrains
    On the floor in the centre of the birthing chamber decorating a drainage hole is found an image of the spiral like alien queen embryo which is based on the emblem for poster for Alien 3.

    Source Quote
    1. Woodruff (?) : Hey that's nice there, that little grating right there that they just pulled out from was the poster art from the Alien 3 poster. (DVD commentary)
    Alien 3 poster
      AVP's spiral queen embryo design on the grating

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