Aliens: From Zig Zag Devil via Delville
Giger to Cameron's Alien Queen?

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4.  Giger's "Alien Monster IV" to James Cameron's Alien Queen
a) Realising the Alien Monster IV connection, 
b) Semi Spiralling Life form,
c) Queen Alien Hand Syndrome, 
d) The Egg Sack
e) Another big question about the design


  1. Love the Alien series and love this blog! Thank you for posting all of this. Very insightful into Giger's Alien world.

  2. Thankyou very much for your comment Kristina. I must admit that I'm quite surprised myself about some of the personal revelations I've been having over the years about this subject.

    Many thanks,

  3. Actually this and the section somewhere around this blog dealing with the Egyptian Book of the Dead's influence on Giger's work for Alien have been the big revelations as a Giger fan