September 2017

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September 26th 2017
i) Added: Alien: Derelict No.3 by Chris Foss references plane wreckage fom Tintin In Tibet?

September 25th 2017
i) Added: Alien: Birth Temple references money printing room in "Adventures of Tintin and The Black Island"
ii) Added: Gorilla with bandaged arm image from "Tintin And The Black Island" is referenced in Ron Cobb's painting of the Alien? 

September 24th 2017
i) Added: Alien Covenant: Traces of "Before The Watchman: Ozymandias"? 
ii)Added: Alien and The Adventures of Tintin: Tintin in Tibet

September 23rd 2017
i) Added: Alien Covenant: Moebius inspiration behind landing craft scenes?
ii) Added: Face sculpture in the Martian sand of "Rocketship X-M" (1950)

September 21st 2017
i) Added HR Giger: Lee Brown Coye's 1973 illustration of a skinned lemur referenced in right side of HR Giger's Passage Temple (Life) (1974)?

September 18th 2017
i) Just to say that I am trying to gather information about Alien Covenant, but it's probably not an easy film to gather information about as if most of the stories behind the scenes don't really show much of what was going on and perhaps they are often too confused anyway. Perhaps there's the Australian vibe to be confused about as well.

September 17th 2017
i.) Added: HR Giger: Alien Monster IV references "House On Haunted Hill" poster?

September 10th 2017
i) Added: Exploration of revised version of Olympia by Sal Buscema from The Eternals v2 #001 (1985) which seems to give further form to the idea that somehow Jack Kirby was drawing a structure inspired in some way on Occator Crater Lights on the Ceres Planetoid for his city of Olympia which wasn't known to have been photographed in any detail until 2015.

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