Ivan Manzella's Fifield Monster

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Ivan Manzella's Fifield Monster sketch
(above) Ivan Manzella's Fifield Creature had started off as a very eccentric looking creature with a seemingly neckless huge bulbous head, perhaps very outlandish monstrous cousin of the Pillsbury Doughboy and at the sides of it's upper torso, an exposed ribcage, and the arms have been replaced by dinosaur like limbs.

Pillsbury Doughboy

As seen in the documentary, stuck to the wall above the sketches, he has a print-out of a photo of Joseph Merrick, AKA "The Elephant Man", as reference material, however it looks as if the black printer cartridge began to run out before the printout was complete

Printout of photo of Joseph Merrick also known as "The Elephant Man"
the photo of Joseph Merrick also known as 
"The Elephant Man as seen in the above image
In his concept drawing for the creature (below), the head had been shrunk slightly , but an impression of what this creature's face would have looked like remains in the painting. 

Wherever this concept was intending to go, one can take a look back at the drawing that Giger produced on 22nd of February that appears to show a beast with a similar face and large cranium. See Giger's Fifield Monster concept

Ivan Manzella's Fifield Monstet head concept
Ivan Manzella's Fifield Monster concept, two views

Another sketch shows a much more humanoid face, perhaps this might be the Fifield Monster in an earlier stage of transformation or an alternative to the above creature just with a face more recognisable as the actor who would play Fifield. Little has been revealed about

Ivan Manzella's Fifield Monstet head concept
Another image developed by Ivan Manzella of the Fifield Monster shows a faceless humanoid with a skull very much more swollen like a hydrocephalus victim

Ivan Manzella's Fifield Monstet concept

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