Alien : The Development of Ash via Six Million Dollar Man

a) As it goes the idea was semi fresh. No one said anything about it but it was basically a reused idea from the Six Million Dollar Man TV series from an episode in 1976 called "The Return of the Robot Maker".

b) Dr Chester Dolenz has created a new robot more advanced than the previous, and this one has been created to look like Oscar Goldman, we see the entity without its face but with exposed circuitry before the face is finally fitted onto the front of the head. Dolenz kidnaps Oscar Goldman at his OSI office and takes him back to his laboratory in a trailer to have all the memories from his brain extracted by a computer. He has placed in his office the android that has already started to take up its role as Oscar Goldman.

c) Dr Chester Dolenz: This robot eats and drinks, I've installed an incinerator to burn up all of the fuels and foods ingested by the body. It blinks and it can even simulate breathing

d) Everything it sees with its eyes, such as documents, it can transmit that to a computer elsewhere. The android almost appears to work as a physical extension to a computer back in Dolenz's trailer.

e) The robot tells Steve Austin that he has to test out the defense system of the Brahmin because a computer says that he is most likely able to break through the defenses, and he requires Steve Austin to divert the attention of the security people while it photographs the Rahman blueprints. The robot maker also wants to eliminate Colonel Steve Austin because he's the only person who could expose the robot as a robot.

f) Steve is brought faced to face with the robot and Oscar Goldman, and with his bionic eye notices a specific detail that shows the difference, the robot and Steve Austin enters a fight with the machine. The battle is ended when the robot is decapitated with a karate chop delivered by Steve Austin. The decapitated head remained inanimate using a fake head and also the real actors head with the rest of his body remaining invisible, the effects look cheap but good enough for television and in Alien, they brought up to a much more superior level in relation to the time. 

g) Oscar Goldman: By the way, out of curiosity, how did you know which one of us was me?

Steve Austin: Very simple Oscar, robots don't sweat when they're nervous.

Oscar Goldman: Hmm! 

h) Indeed Ash the android appeared to be a very much more advanced machine who sweats, but being a milk like fluid it is not the right sort of sweat for a human and once again a giveaway

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