Alien Covenant: Exploration of So is it Any Good's "Alien Covenant" photos

leading from
Alien: Covenant

28th October 2016, came along, and suddenly there came what appeared to be photos from the set of Alien Covenant from the website

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Carlos Huante's Shwa-Babyhead concept for Prometheus

Photos 1+2, Creatures on display as if this place was a museum, with numerous cartoonish mutant goblins that almost belong to a Brian Froud book but with a Francis Bacon ghoulishness to them,  but one of them appears to be very much Carlos Huante's Shwa-babyhead creature unused design left over from the Prometheus production (see: Carlos Huante's Babyhead). There is a large alien head near enough like an adult alien with its face almost decomposing and on the left of its jaw, its teeth showing through looking twisted, perhaps echoing Francis Bacon's portraits. There is a drawing of an adult alien creature in the background as well as one of these creatures with a spike at the back of the head, various notes and drawings on the wall to the right. Facehugger and goblin like creature in a drawing to the right of the alien head shown in image 2 Of course Giger isn't around to offer a personal view on what they've done with the large alien head or even guess what they're doing with his old ideas.

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Unused concept for an alien creature from the Prometheus production by Carlos Huant

3) A new facehugger with lobes that remind me of the shoulders of a biomorph fromFrancis Bacon 'Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion', its underbelly on display showing almost lewdly its under parts resembling the female anatomy. The legs are quite spidery on this one and perhaps we might even loose count of the legs if there are any more than twelve. To the left side, a plate full of small skulls, perhaps like a monkey and then further to the back on the left side are small bird like skeletons, and in the distance as well as ampules on the shelves in the background. In the background on the right, a closed spore can be seen and something that resembles the mouth of a whale sized creature. Drawing on the wall of facehugger legs.

These first three images appear to be something that people would have their attention grabbed by so that they could have a look at all the alternate designs just as one would be interested in production art and behind the scenes sculptures in the studios. One wonders what's going on here. Is it Leonardo Da Vinci's studio meets Alien. Is this really a set as it was in the film or some sort of setup for the photographer to leak online

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left figure from Francis Bacon's 'Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion',
4) A photograph of a tunnel would show alien spores, with four petalled openings, but slightly redesigned placed around the ground and one of them would be open. It differs from Giger's original design as if they have a sort of stylised neoclassical oddity about them as if they were supposed to alien spores by Fabergé.

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5) The space jockey pilot chamber in the style of the interior of the Juggernaut from Prometheus, presumably David the robot and Elizabeth Shaw flew away from the planet in a vessel of the same type

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