Did Ralph Steadman inspire the final Fifield monster?

Fear and Loathing in LV223 ! 
Ralph Steadman's illustration for the Lizard Lounge from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".

Since I found reason to ask if the WETA alternate Fifield monster
had been inspired by an iconic cartoon image for Pink Floyd's The Wall, the next question I am asking is if the final Fifield monster was too inspired by artwork from a similar field. Maybe the obvious thing to do is to compare him to perhaps some of the gross caricatures by Gerald Scarfe's once fellow artist Ralph Steadman who had done artwork in a very similar vein. In his work one will find various humans who have been transformed into menacing toothy monstrosities of one kind or another and then to look at the idea that as with Gerald Scarfe, many people who have been made aware of Steadman's artwork might too find it hard to be inspired.

see other works of Ralph Steadman's

The final mutant Fifield
(Prometheus: The art of the film, p136)

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