Alien: Chestburster experience as
a reflection of an altered state

leading from

a) Anthony Peake is a writer who deals with borderline areas of human consciousness, and a psychologist who's an associate of his took some DMT and few years later told Anthony about the experience, how for a few seconds, nothing happened and then suddenly he felt as if he was crashing out of his own chest as if he had become the chestburster in Alien, and then with great speed went flying through a tunnel of light
  1. Anthony Peake: An associate of mine who is a psychologist, erm, took DMT a few years ago and he told me that, he described the experience as being, he took the DMT and then for a few seconds nothing happened and then suddenly he felt like he crashed out of his chest, he said it was like the incident in the movie Alien, where he said he felt he came out of his chest and at great speed went flying through this tunnel of light, (Anthony Peake discusses his book The Infinite Mindfield: The Quest to Find the Gateway to Higher Consciousness.

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