Alien: Giger's influence on Ron Cobb's Alien Birth Temple?

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a) Visible remnants of Giger's paintings?
Dan O'Bannon wanted Giger to design the pyramid interior from an early point in the movie preproduction.

What caught my eye in Ron Cobb's painting made to help sell the Alien script were two things.

The roof of the chamber's similarity to a Passage paintings and the strange winged triangle with an eye in the centre.

To L.A., Dan had brought with him a copy of Giger's book "A Rh+" work catalogue leading up to 1970 which contained images such as the Passages i-ix series.

If he had any more materials at that point, he didn't mention it.
(see Inspiration behind HR Giger's Passages i-ix)

Passage VI

b) Remnant of Passages?
Possible inspiration for Ron Cobb's Alien Birth Temple interior As one looks at Ron Cobb's Alien Birth Temple, one might begin to ask if there has been inspiration from Giger's passages for the narrow ceiling.

The above painting Passage VI is simply a main example to use of the series to point out the similarity, there are a few others very similar in the series.

(see Inspiration behind H R Giger's Pssages i-ix)

version of Ron Cobb's birth temple's cieling opening from old photo
Ron Cobb's birth temple's cieling opening from newer photo

c) Remnants of Aleph?
The eye on the wall of Ron Cobb's birth temple painting bears some similarity to the triangular eye from Giger's Aleph

(see H R Giger's Aleph inspired by Doctor Who and The Curse of Peladon? for more insights into Aleph.)

eye from Ron Cobb's birth temple wall

eye with spiny wings or legs from Giger's Aleph work 120

Work 210, Aleph (1973) by HR Giger


  1. This is Gigers Work No 210 not 120!

    1. Many thanks, correction has been made, indeed there must be countless errors like this waiting to be noticed