Alien Studio environments:
The Art Department, Shepperton Studios

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a) Dan O'Bannon and Ron Cobb discuss work problems 
Is it that Dan O'Bannon and Ron Cobb can be found talking about work related problems in a photo of the two of them sitting in the art department, Dan is smoking a cigarette.

There are numerous photos of the room to be found and very slowly they begin to add up into a room in with dimensions that can be guessed.

It has various low shelves against the wall, and tables that can be pulled around.

It is lit by long fluorescent light bulbs across the ceiling.

Once Ridley Scott had told Dan to go ahead with designing the Facehugger, Dan went over to the art department with Roger Dicken, they took a drafting table and a huge piece of paper with some pencils. Ron who inhabited the room while doing his drawing work for the film would sketch out a skeletal understructure (see The Facehugger)

Dan O'Bannon and Ron Cobb in the art department?

b) Room dominated the Hieroglyphics painting
Later in August 1978, after various disgreements about the quality of work from Giger and the blame being put on Giger by Clinton Cavers for the fact that the Alien had not been finished, H R Giger had been moved away to a new studio to work in, the Art Department.

At first he had no interest in this new place for him at all but Mia set it up beautifully diminishing his frustration by half.

A room which Giger uses with a wall that is painted white, against the wall in the back, there is Giger's Hieroglyphics painting.

On the wall next to it but separated by a small case of shelfs is a painting that might well be a study for part of the alien's body, and he is painting the derelict ship tail fin, while sitting on a chair with pale material.

The windows have been covered over that would be found next to the shelves on the right.


Giger and the Alien Hieroglyphics (Alien Anthology blu-ray)
See Giger's Alien Life Cycle hieroglyphics
Giger and the Alien Hieroglyphics (sourcr 
See Giger's Alien Life Cycle hieroglyphics
Giger painting the derelict's tail fin. Hieroglyphics painting 
in the back on the left, and Alien poster in the corner
See Giger's Alien Life Cycle hieroglyphics

perhaps Giger's artwork for an Alien poster

c) Other uses
He also uses this room to paint the alien eggs and later the "Brett egg" would be photographed within the chamber against a photograph of the planetoid landscape altered with the airbrush by Giger. The Alien costume

Alien suit in the room (See: Creating The Alien)

image source :


(Image extracted from Wonderland Speciale 40 anni di Alien - 17/06/2019

Giger reading something (source HR Giger - Kunst Design Film)
Giger goes to work on an egg  (From Giger's Alien)

In England during the 1950s, the very popular TV adverts featuring the words "Go To Work On An Egg", so this photo might a strange variation on the idea
Giger goes to work on an egg

The Brett Egg  (Source: Giger's Alien) 

See: Human To Spore

other end of room while airbrushing the alien suit worn by Bolaji Badejo.
On the door in the background is a poster of Baphomet , work 272  
(image from Giger's Alien documentary)

Baphomet: work 272

Giger carrying the alien's upper torsoe with backpipes. 
On the wall on the right is a drawing of a leaping alien 
In the background on the left if Giger's drawing Astro Eunuchs.
In the centre on the wall is Giger's initial derelict entrance painting.
Along the cupboard on the right, derelict pilot chamber painting and then alien landscape painting
(source HR Giger - Kunst Design Film)

leaping alien drawing as seen on the wall on the right

Giger's Astro-Eunuchs as seen on the studio wall

Giger airbrushing the hanging alien costume parts in the 
Art Department (still from video: Giger's Alien)

See: Worlds Apart art poster made up from two images from the video

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