Alien 5: Bishop or Bishop 2's return?

leading from 

a) Lance Henriksen didn't come back to Alien 3 as the robot Bishop because it was seen that he has aged considerably and presumably robots didn't age. 
However he came back as the character known as Bishop 2 who was generally asssumed to be a human. 
And we find this slightly Lance Henriksen type face wrapped in strange goo as if he's being eaten away by the spore material or if one might just want to say transformed into a spore  as were Dallas and Brett in Alien. (realisation came 7th March 2015)  See also Alien; Human to Spore Stage

Ripley standing face to face with a human being with perhaps a disheveled 
Lance Henriksen who's possibly transforming into a spore or merging with the wall?
(art by Geoffroy Thoorens)
damaged Animatronic Bishop prop (

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