HR Giger's Necronom I references
Ernst Fuchs "Vision" (1953) ?

leading from

Necronom I

a) The first image from Giger's Necronom series
I had discovered the works of Ernst Fuchs that seemed to have inspired Giger's Necronom IV in various ways. his 1953 work "Vision" would informed the shape of that painting and there was the strange stretched elongated head by Fuchs in in the picture too.

Then I realised that Giger would have taken inspiration from this for his earlier painting in the series Necronom I.

Ernst Fuchs "Vision" 1953
( for the detailed image, thank to
b) Further exploration on10th of June 2015,
I wondered what the idea about the vertical metal fingers were trailing along the back of the head, perhaps the Necronom's pointed ear started out as the thumb.

The back of the cranium is loosely connected to the front of the cranium.

I took another look at Fuchs' drawing and noticed that a raised hand in picture showed a hand with three fingers and a thumb.

The elongated tongue would have perhaps come out of the presence of a vertical flower floating in the air towards the right before the mouth of the thing in Fuchs' drawing.  

The iron ridge beneath Giger's head would have been  inspired by the long thick jaw in Fuchs' work. (also see also Elongated head apparitions by way of Ernst Fuchs

heads from Ernst Fuch's "Vision 1953"
Notice the hand with three fingers and a thumb at the top
Three fingered hand from Ernst Fuchs' "Vision", 1953

face from Ernst Fuchs' "Vision", 1953
face and flower from Ernst Fuchs' "Vision", 1953

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