Vincenzo Natali's Stagenstein sequence
from Hannibal season 3, episode 2

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a) Stagenstein monster
Vincenzo went on to direct seven episodes of series 3 of the Hannibal TV series released in 2015. 
He loved the work of Francis Bacon with its meatscapes. There was a scene where a human corpse is discovered, but had been transformed into the shape of a human heart, its human origins barely perceivable and this turns into a hallucinatory mental vision in the mind of Will Graham and he searches his mind for clues when he looks at a photograph and in the vision the thing begins pump, rip open and the thing begins to unfold and expand itself into a sort of a monster. It was known in the production "as the Stagenstein" sequence.  

b) Comparison to alien as a box?
One might take a look at the scene  as the entity unfolds and take a look at the strange scene of the Alien unfolding itself from a box shape and make the association that the two idea are in some way related but very different. However the thing reveals itself to be a human with his head and lower legs and arms cut off before out of the limb stumps grow stag legs and out of the head stump grows antlers. Although Vincenzo didn't have that idea the alien comic book  in mind, he could appreciate the similarities to be found and acknowledge how true it was, to say that he would have in some way known about the scene in the comic book story. (See: Alien:organic box like thing)

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    Personal Obsession 948724-Y: meat portraits.
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    Beautiful maquette of the Dimmond Heart from by .
  3. Jun 22 I didn't think about that, but so very true.

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