Alien: When Michael Fassbender first saw Alien

When Michael Fassbender first saw the movie Alien, he was still a child. His parents would allow him to watch certain films above his age bracket and so with Alien, they allowed him to watch it. The chestburster scene would be engrained into his memory.
  1. Michael Goodier : And then you mentioned Ridley Scott, Alien Covenant comes out next August, and who knew from that first film that they could keep those alien stories this long but I'm really glad they have. Do you remember the first Alien film
    Michael Fassbender: Yes,

    Michael Goodier : Because I, I mean that scared me absolutely witless. Tough to keep the scare and the stories good as it was in the very beginning

    Michael Fassbender: Totally. I remember very clearly at the first time I saw it, my parents would allow me to watch certain films that were above my age bracket but with Alien, they allowed me to watch it, but I remember the scene where the neomorph or whatever that creature is burst out of John Hurt's stomach. I mean it's just, yes, ingrained in my memory, and so I think what Ridley has done with this one is take elements of the first Alien for sure, sort of that horror and then has merged it with the scale of Prometheus. So yeah, I'm really excited to see it. (Steve `Wright in the afternoon, 20th October 2016)

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