HR Giger: Necronom IX references the Dinky Toys
Captain Scarlet Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle?

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31st January 2017, I suddenly realised that the Dinky's Captain Scarlet Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle available since around the 1960s was referenced in Necronom I. 

The back upward slanting part of the vehicle that would hold the rear caterpillar tracks that from the side resembles a fin turns into the Necronom's ears.

The bumper at the front transforms into the teeth.

The missile becomes the tongue

The seat that comes out of the side of the vehicle becomes ribbing on the shoulder.

The hollowed out area around the side of the front of the vehicle where there's a grill, becomes the hollow area in the jaw

Dinky SPV vehicle

Necronom I (another scan showing more detail)




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