Alien: Nostromo references the Micronauts Thorium Orbiter?

leading from
Alien: The Nostromo
Thorium Orbiter box front (1977) Mego

a)  Because the Micronaut toys have been looked at in comparison to some of Giger's Necronom paintings and his work on Alien, one might start looking to see if anyone else involved in the Alien production had shown similar interest in the Micronaut toys

The sloping front caps of the side pods of the Thorium Orbiter becomes a point of interest when comparing it to the downwards sloping front of the Nostromo's side thrusters.

Thorium Orbiter out of box, (port side)

Thorium Orbiter (starboard side)

Thorium Orbiter (port side)

Thorium Orbiter (underside)

b) One might wonder if possibly one of the Nostromo designers Ron Cobb or Chris Foss took an interest in the Micronauts as they were something innovative at the time.

Perhaps we might be asking if Ridley Scott had taken time to look at some of these toys and pointed out some ideas about what he wanted.

The parts of each toy could be switched around with parts from the toy series to explore different possibilities.

If so, the idea comes that these front caps of the side pods which would be possibly the Thorium Orbiter's thrusters, set off the idea for the development of the oddly slanting front of the Nostromo's side thrusters

The Nostromo model
The Nostromo model

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