Aliens: HR Giger's Demon (work 513) referenced in the design of the Alien Queen's face and hood?

leading from
Giger's Demon (work 513) and the Aliens Queen face
with Gale Anne Hurd and James Cameron either side
a) Another aspect of Giger painting Demon (work 513), I believe this painting was referenced in the design of the Alien Queen's face, in terms of the way it's part of the larger form and also there is a face separate part of the head itself.
Gale Anne Hurd and Jim Cameron with the Alien Queen

b) The division in the tongue with the ribbing becomes the Alien Queen's eye like form, and the inverted V shape that is a the top of the central ribbing has been carried into the Alien Queen design as a sort of a slit in the front part of its crest shell.

HR Giger's Demon (Work 513) 1978 (Catalogued in 1983)
c) How they suddenly made the jump to it inspiring the alien queen face is admittedly a bit odd.
I think that the way the alien queen design came around from Gigr's work, even with Giger's Necronomicon books having all the inspirational material that they needed. 

I don't want to accuse Stan and Jim of smoking something interesting or popping magic mushrooms in their mouths, (it does seem that Cameron gets accused of the latter by people because of Avatar) but I suppose they managed to have some very good discussions about Giger's images whatever the case, looking at the images and somehow getting into that mode where they started picking out details in the most bizarre and interesting way whatever the case. So that's quite an interesting question.  (no, I don't take magic mushrooms myself) 

What can be said going by his film work and the designs that come up in his films, Jim Cameron has a stunning sense of creativity with an eye for details and is able to get other people to work on ideas that meet his expectations. 

Meanwhile Stan Winston would have been quick to think about how to imagine three dimensional creatures and the possibilities of movement, with ideas already in their minds about strange creatures that they would like to create and how to adapt them to things found amongst the patterns and shapes in Giger's paintings. 
detail of Giger's Demon (work 513) and the face of Aliens Queen
face with Gale Anne Hurd and James Cameron either side

d) I'd like to find a better photo of the face of the Alien Queen with a full detailed view of the face with the carapace, but this one of Jim and Gale is the best I can find at the moment.

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